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yay ff goes to school

lol i have viewed this like over tousands of times already and i havent left you a comment well here it is ^.^


lmao just kidding the story like is great and i cant stop watching it good work

ha ha super funny

now this is completely hilarious good one

complete beauty

i am in love with this song i swear ^.^ i exquizite flash (yesh i cant spell) i cant wait to see more of your experimentals

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i am in love with it

a superb ame the one thing i think that pulls a game together is the music put in it and i must say the selcted songs you chose for this game really boosted my adrenaline i am serious! well n e ways keep it up and i must agree you should make it longer, you actually left to the point where its actuall climax, the battle in space and all it really come in to a maximum point and i think there should be a nother with a major turn back you know what i mean, 10 out of 10 5 out of 5 two thunbs up and diva chicks galore!

keep it up


alright you got my attention i just finished the first 2 for the first time and i have to say this game is about to be bookmarked i love dragons and best of all a game with a dragon squad in it ya ya lol well the game is above all the best side scroll ship fighting game i have ever played i am serious well now i am about to play the 3rd one and then comment on that one cause i know that one is gonna be great



theres mine...i like it its hella fun takes care of my boredum got a 5 from meeh

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MORE PPL MUST VOTE FOR THIS SONG!!!! lately the good songs are not heard, and they must be. Its times like this we need to expose the great artists and let every one know who they are, and let them hear the music, same with artists that are beguinning their journey writing songs. LET THEM BE HEARD ^.^

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lol will the good music ever stop?

CaB lol you never seice to amaze me with your tunes. i really like the beautifal low melodic beguinning after the hardcore intro, it really gave that lazy feeling of summer that makes me dream. after the hott vox breakout then my body turned to stone from the melody extreme useage and diversity with the piano, i think that where your strong points are. lol you definately need to post this on your myspace so i can have it as my song on my page lol i really like this one. when i get to flash a make a game i defanately am going to use this one...theres many ideas and i may as well make an:

FFR simfile!!!!

yay no it wont be easy and yes it will be a good file thats if you play ffr lol well keep up the excellent work and check out my songs please...i defeanately need some inside tips for my songs cause i know you use Fl studio and you make me jelous for the fact you know the programm and use it well.

keep in touch


cornandbeans responds:

thanks man ;)

I actually use a lot of outside sources other than FL... I'll probably upload it soon after the potter craze dies down and I can take my hp remix off :P I'm gonna make a separate account for my dnb on myspace, and I'm considering changing my name for label releases.

or maybe not :P

thanks for the review :))

you never seice to amaze me CaB

your work almost sounds like Noisia's work which is amazing!!! i have never actually passed by an NG persona who can have DnB like this is this the type of DnB i am searching for! keep up the good work and keep me updated for the full version release! cause this is a big hitt!


check out some of my work...if ya got time lol

cornandbeans responds:

yea man I'm a huge noisia fan :]

thanks hehe

I'll check out your stuff ;)

heh i aint your ordinary queer...beware

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